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About Us

About Mecaplus

Competitiveness in the sector of aerial work platforms will depend increasingly on their ability to adopt and implement the most advanced information and communications technologies, and an increasing proportion of its value-added will come from sophisticated electronic systems that often will replace an entire subsystem mechanical or hydraulic.

To face competition, it is essential to have the necessary technologies to satisfy market requirements, creating trust for new applications and services. 

Mecaplús believes that with these assumptions, the application of these technologies in their scope of work is an opportunity to add value to their products by improving their safety and therefore their quality, all without losing competitiveness. 

This new E-Selflevelling Chassis Mecaplús demonstrates a real and practical application of innovative technologies and methods that emerged precisely to give answers consistent with the new situation of an already globalized market.

Company Milestones



Company Foundation

The creation of Mecaplús in the year 2000 was based on the experience acquired with its subsidiary Multipoda S.L., dedicated since 1993 to give services on high-level pruning sector with customized self-made lifting platforms to improve safety and performance of this field of activity.



First Dynamic

Self-levelling MEWP

Release of  a 12 meters high dynamic self-levelling MEWP to cover the demands of urban pruning sector to keep productivity on areas with strong slopes.



IPAF Worldwide Product of the Year

Mecaplús and its new ME12SL auto-levelling aerial platform receive the "New Product of the Year" award at the IAPA Internationial Awards Show held in London on 26th March, before an audience of over 400 people, defeating in the final to companies like JLG (USA), Hinowa (Italy), Dinolift (Finland) y Niftylift (UK).



Smart-axle Technology

Development of a smart-axle technology, integrated on the self-levelling system. Able to keep all-time the 4 wheels touching the floor, ensuring full adaption to any kind of floor.
With this system, the award-winning self-levelling system of Mecaplús can significantly improve the traction and estability of the machine.



Plug & Play

Self-levelling Chassis

Mecaplús starts the commercialization of Plug & Play self-leveling chassis totally pre-assembled  for OEM customers.

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